Принипиальная схема led cube 5х5х5

принипиальная схема led cube 5х5х5
Tip. Put some tape or other marking on the end of the power jack lead to make it stand out from all the other DC power jacks you may have around. Once you are happy it is aligned correctly over the solder pads proceed to solder the remaining leads. However, it is quite a technical kit to assemble and the surface mount driver chips (IC2/3) can be tricky to solder. The last LED should have its anode lead bent round so it connects with the LED in the next row. Fig.7 Fig .8 Fig. 9 Fig. 7 Install the capacitors.

Then select the ledcubeC.asm file and reassemble it. The fig 1. photo should only be used as a reference for forming the leads, not to identify the cathode/anode terminals. Finally, the cube needs 125 LEDs, buy a couple of extra ones so you have spares in case you get a faulty one, lose one etc. If you are in the United Kingdom, check out the 5mm Colour Diffused LEDs from . Если нужно засветить один светодиод или полностью весь слой, то это работает отлично… Однако, если нужно засветить нижний правый угол спереди (3,3,0), возникают проблемы.

The project includes a ready to program HEX file with some demo cube animations and also the source code. Power Supply WARNING: You must use a 5 volt regulated power supply. Bigger cubes: The 5x5x5 LED cube project shown here is a great size if you want to have ago at building a LED cube. Any one will work equally well in the LED cube circuit. No one is better than another, so use whatever you can get hold of at the lowest price.

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