3x3x3 куб из светодиодов схема

For this effect an extra cube of [4][4] is created where the elements represent 2^3 cubes. После того, как приспособа сделана, пора приступить к формовке выводов LED. Катоды всех светодиодов необходимо аккуратно согнуть на 90 градусов. Дописал эффекты для самого маленького куба, и наверное выложу исходники, печатку и обучение как паять.

For more products information, please contact with our sales and make an inquiry ! Product Detail Packing Detail. They’re controlled using transistors, which amplify current and are used as switches. Using an external power source, your cube is mobile, which requires building an annex to your circuit (found on the bottom left corner of the schematic). Now, let’s build your circuit.
The foil will hold the LEDs in place and protect the board while soldering. Each of the 16 (anode) columns and the 4 (cathode) layers are connected to the controller board with a separate wire, and can be controlled individually. Double check the original 4x4x4 LED cube recipe on Instructables here. Next, we’ll make a ground connection for each layer. Adaptive Computing — Intelligent Workload Management for Cloud and HPC Environments.

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