Жк монитор fujitsu siemens p15 схема

Original drives: caviar 2850. The control uses a NEC PC-9800 series computer (FC-9821K). The computer is not IBM/AT compatible. Hitachi Seiki Monitor: NM0931A-02 NM0931A-02 Hitachi Seiki Hitachi Seiki Monitor: NM0931A-07 nm0931a-07 hitachi seiki monochrome 9 monitor rebuild. 12 month warranty. new crt and rebuilt electronics. We manufacture LCD replacements for every application. Mitsubishi: FR-SE HINGE FR-SE FRSE spindle drive HINGE rebuild. Rebuilt. Fanuc: A20B-1002-0710 A20B-1002-0710/10B Fanuc video controller card. Fanuc monitor: A13B-0169-C001 A13B-0169-C001 Fanuc monitor: A13B-0191-C012 A13B-0191-C012 Fanuc Monitor/ Terminal Assembly.

Allen Bradley: 8410-PSC 8410-psc 8410psc 916741-01 allen bradley power supply. ms-1670 power systems inc. rebuilt. 12 month warranty. power supply model #916741-01. Allen Bradley: 8520-AA21 8520-AA21, 8520AA21 Allen Bradley servo drive. Mitsubishi: FR-SF-2-11K frsf-2-11k, fr-sf-2-11k mitsubishi spindle drive. rebuilt. 12 month warranty. Fanuc: A06B-6047-H040 a06b-6047-h040 fanuc velocity control drive repair rebuild. Indramat: RAC 4.3-400-460 Bosch Rexroth/Indramat 4.3-400-460 AC drive. 460 volts at 400 amps. Mazak: MV4-200W MV4-200W Mazak servo drive repair rebuild. If drive has no visible damage it is difficult to verify the drive is bad call for troubleshooting help!
Ball Monitor: TV-120-70 TV-120-70 Ball Monitor Rebuild. 1 year warranty. We manufacture LCD replacements for every application. See item : TX-1450AE LCD for more information. Fanuc: A16B-1010-0240 A16B-1010-0240 Fanuc Motherboard Power supply repair ONLY. This quote is to rebuild the power supply only. We cannot verify function of the CPU etc.

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